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Democratic Platform Supports Amending Constitution to Reverse Citizens United.

The Democratic Party platform approved by delegates on Tuesday attacks Republicans for applauding the Supreme Court’s Citizen United decision and calls for campaign finance reforms, even if it takes amending the constitution to reverse the landmark ruling that unleashed unprecedented corporate campaign spending.

The announcement brought cheers from progressive groups that have been busy building a broad movement to push for constitutional and legislative remedies for Citizens United.

The Democratic Party and the White House are fighting to hold Congress to “higher conflict-of-interest standards,” according to the platform, which claims that President Obama and the national party do not accept contributions from federal lobbyists during this election cycle.

Democrats would also require nonprofit groups and super PACs that swamp the airwaves with political ads to reveal their donors. Senate Republicans have twice used a filibuster to block the DISCLOSE Act, the Democrats’ legislative response to Citizens United that would make it harder to anonymously donate to political groups.

The Republican Party platform released last week vows to defend the Citizens United decision and states that Americans have the “free speech right to devote one’s resources to whatever cause or candidate one supports.” The Supreme Court’s controversial 5-4 ruling in the Citizens United case was largely based on First Amendment grounds. Click on link above to read more.