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BBC News – Mexico’s Lopez Obrador rejects presidential poll ruling.

Mexico’s presidential runner-up Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has refused to recognise a court ruling upholding July’s election and called for a mass demonstration.

The left-winger said the country’s highest electoral tribunal made an illegitimate decision.

Mr Lopez Obrador had accused winner Enrique Pena Nieto of using illicit money to buy votes and media coverage.

But the tribunal ruled that he had not produced enough evidence of wrongdoing.

“I cannot accept the ruling of the electoral tribunal, which declared the presidential election valid,” Mr Lopez Obrador told reporters on Friday – just hours after the court’s decision.

“The elections were neither clean nor free or genuine, therefore I will not recognise an illegitimate administration that emerged from votes that were bought and other grave violations of the constitution.”

The former Mexico City mayor also called on his supporters to hold a demonstration in the capital’s main square on 9 September.

Six years ago, after losing the presidential election by a narrow margin, Mr Lopez Obrador led weeks of protests that caused disruption in central areas of the capital.  Click on link above to read more.