Billion-euro whistleblower | Presseurop (English).

He did not have to look far to find them. They were there, on his computer screen, the one he worked at for six years at HSBC’s Geneva headquarters.

Hervé Falciani was responsible for upgrading client databases in one of the world’s largest banks and the information to which he had access in October 2006 was priceless. The data, protected by Switzerland’s sacrosanct secrecy laws, concerned millionaire depositers’ accounts left to blossom over the course of years thanks to covert transfers and financial flows of doubtful, but untraceable, origins.

Then 34-years-old, the computer programmer had before him the list of thousands of bank deposits of foreign businesses and private citizens, placed safely in Switzerland to evade the tax authorities in their respective countries. It was one of the most significant tax evasion cases ever uncovered.

The following scene took place nearly six years later, in the port of Barcelona. On July 1, 2012, Hervé Falciani went to Spain by boat and an alarm bell went off during an identity check. Click above link to read more.